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Maya M

I am hooked on LifePlus Pharmacy!!!!!
Family owned, caring, compassionate and knowledgeable staff. I am thankful that I found LifePlus Pharmacy, my meds are always on time. I had telemedicine with Dr. Singh once, a very caring, knowledgeable and compassionate MD. What a great experience. Ritu, a wonderful pharmacist takes care of her clients and makes sure that everyone gets treated respectfully and compassionately. Last night I had my Vitamin and Hydration IV treatments.... wow  it only took few minutes after to feel Rejuvenated and ready for the New Year. I highly recommend LifePlus Pharmacy.

Sophia B

A wonderful family-owned holistic-minded pharmacy. Dr. Reetu PharmD and her brother make a great team and they truly care about their neighborhood. Her brother Dr. Singh MD will come in (they have a clinic room) so you have a clean, cozy alternative to going to urgent care. I got my flu shot here! I like the homey feel that brings back memories of Apotekes in Europe. I transferred all my prescriptions for CVS (they did it for me actually) and in fact for the same price (or lower) out-of-pocket I was able to get the name-brand vs. generic. Which is great!

Nicole M

I love this pharmacy. It's locally owned and a family business which matters to me. I've never had to wait in a long line like big corporate pharmacies. They know me by name when I come in and I haven't even been a customer for more than a few months and my husband usually picks up for me. So glad I made the switch! My family will be customers for life.

Josh R

This place was absolutely great I would have to say one of my best experiences in a pharmacy at the same time I got a doctor visit and prescription while I was on my lunch break excellent service a 100% recommended

Norah V

A beautiful family owned pharmacy with very knowledgeable and friendly staff! I highly recommend getting your prescriptions and transferring them to this pharmacy! I wanted to especially thank the pharmacist, Reetu, because she was extremely patient in explaining OTC and Prescription medication details.

Daniel O

I really liked Reetu and her staff. They are punctual with calling and texting when the medication is ready! They are also located close to my house so it is convenient for me to get both OTC and prescription mediations.

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